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28 January, 2015

Playing in the Sky, Grass, and Dirt!

Sloppy. Messy. Illegible.

Have you ever thought these words about your student’s or child’s handwriting? There are a ton of possibilities that contribute to messy handwriting but a common problem is letter placement on the lines.

Above the dash, top line, bottom line… all of these "helpful" directions can be very confusing to a child who is struggling with handwriting.

Here's our suggestion: try using Sky, Grass, Dirt paper to make letter placement more understandable for the child. The easily-remembered colors simplify the spatial concepts of top, middle, and bottom to easily identify where the letters should go on those crazy lines.


Children quickly see when they’ve made a mistake.  For example: "lowercase c does not go in the dirt…" and when they’re on the right track: "yes, lowercase p goes in the grass & dirt."

You’ll never get tired of hearing, "Oh I see how to do it!"

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