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Our Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement for the StartDOT® Handwriting Application

Revised November 23, 2013

TrishCo LLC takes privacy and security matters seriously, and wishes to inform all users of the StartDOT application, whether parents, professionals, community members or our most important audience - our hardworking kids, of our privacy practices.

As with our general Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to revise this statement from time to time at our discretion, and will publish revisions on future updates of our Application as well as on the StartDOT website at We encourage you to review our updated language frequently.

While the names of users can be stored on your device by the Application, we presently do not process, transmit or retain any personally identifiable information obtained during its operation. For purposes of this Statement we define ‘user’ as any individual, whether or not above the age of 18, who makes use of the features available via the Application.

User-related information which may be encountered during solicitation, sale or delivery of the software, or information provided as customer feedback, is regarded as confidential and will not be divulged by TrishCo, or its affiliates or service providers, to any third party unless legally required by the appropriate authorities. Management of such sales and customer related information is also governed by the terms and conditions of the Apple App Store, available at

TrishCo will not sell, share, or otherwise provide personal information to any third party or use customer contact information for unsolicited communications. Any emails or other notifications sent by TrishCo will only be utilized in connection with the provision of updates or supplemental user information.

Please feel free to direct any questions, comments or concerns related to this Privacy Statement to: